Welcome to Burbank Elementary School!

Mission Statement

Burbank Elementary School aims to provide challenging, engaging learning opportunities that create knowledgeable, principled, and skilled learners. Our goal at Burbank is to develop the individual talents of our students and give them the tools to become global thinkers who experience the world as a never-ending classroom.

This goal reflects the belief system that students should be educated in a supportive environment that develops understanding and appreciation of their own culture and that of others. We encourage students to become active, compassionate life-long learners who respect the differences of others.

It's Bookmobile Time!
Monday, July 18th

5:30pm   Heather Lakes Apartments near the pool
6:15pm   Riverdale Community Pool
6:40pm   East corner of Charlton Drive and Meadowbrook Drive
7:05pm   Marcella Road at the entrance of Bridgewater on the Lake Apts
7:25-7:45pm   Burbank Elementary School parking lot- Ice pops too!