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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Dear Parent,

The staff at Burbank Elementary is implementing a school-wide program to focus on the positive behaviors we see in our students on a daily basis.  Attached you will find a matrix outlining our behavioral expectations in different areas of the school.  At the end of each quarter, students who have met or exceeded the expectations will attend a Bulldog Party to celebrate their successful behavior.  Students that do not meet the criteria below will be unable to attend and will receive a lesson focused on reviewing the expectations outlined in the matrix. 

This year we will be using Class Dojo to award points and maintain open communication.  You will receive a direct invitation to join your students Dojo account.  To attend the Bulldog Party student must earn a certain number of points per quarter which is detailed below. 

The criteria for your child is:

1st Grade- 180 points

2nd Grade- 200 points

3rd Grade- 200 points

4th Grade- 300 points

5th Grade- 345 points

If at any point your child loses the Bulldog Party, you will be contacted to create a behavior intervention plan.  This plan will provide specific behaviors your child needs to improve.  At this point, new criteria will be set for your child to earn the Bulldog Party back. 

The Bulldog Parties are set for the following days (subject to change as needed):

1st Quarter November 9th

2nd Quarter February 3rd

3rd Quarter April 14th

4th Quarter June 14th

We appreciate your support in implementing this program with our students.  If you should have any questions, please contact Mrs. Francis at (757) 896-8355. 


Burbank Staff

Burbank Bulldogs B.A.R.K.








Be Safe

·    Keep your body and objects to yourself

·    Walk at all times

·    Push in chairs

·    Stay in your assigned area

·    Keep your place in line

·    Remain seated

·    Walk at all times

·    One at a time

·    Lock the door


·    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

·    Use equipment as instructed

·    Stay within designated pay area


·    Walk at all times

·    Be where you’re supposed to be

·    Keep your body and objects to yourself

Act Responsibly

·    Follow directions

·    Clean up after yourself

·    Use materials wisely


·    Keep your area neat and clean

·    Get needed supplies before taking your seat

·    Stack your tray

·    Wash your hands

·    Throw paper towels in the trash

·    Clean up after yourself


·    Bring in everything you take out

·    Listen for teacher directions

·    Line up when teacher signals


·    Walk in a Line

·    Pick up anything you drop


Respect Others

·    Keep eyes and ears on the speaker

·    Be Principled

·    Take turns

·    Treat others the way you want to be treated


·    Use quiet voices

·    Need help?  Raise your hand

·    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself


·    Give others privacy

·    Wait your turn

·    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself


·    Include everyone

·    Be caring

·    Share and take turns


·    Silent wave

·    Keep hands, feet, and objects off walls, windows, and displays

·    Listen and follow adult directions

Keep a positive attitude

·    Try your best

·    Use kind words and tone

·    Encourage each other

·    Be cooperative and open-minded

·    Use kind words

·    Line up when signaled by an adult

·    Know your number and lunch choice


·    Conserve supplies

·    Use 2 paper towels

·    Report problems to adults


·    Be cooperative

·    Be principled

·    Use kind words and tone

·    Be polite, stay to the right

·    Keep hallways clean

·    Use kind words