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Art Education

Burbank Art Show
April 2017


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The HCS Fine Arts Department

Purpose- Why do our vision and mission matter?

The Hampton City Schools Fine Arts Department will instill in Fine Arts students an appreciation of all artistic endeavors in order to promote an aesthetic connection to the world around them and perpetuate lifelong cultural involvement.

Vision- What does this mean to us?

We hope students will find an area within the Fine Arts which they would like to pursue during their years in Hampton City Schools. Within all areas of our curriculum we offer both introductory and advanced courses and it is our goal that all students, regardless of their experiences and skill levels, will find a home within Hampton City Schools Fine Arts Department.

Mission- What are we here to accomplish?

Tha Hampton City Schools Fine Arts Department will offer all students the opportunity to become involved in an arts experience throuigh presentation or performance. Through aesthetic experiences, inside and outside of the classroom, the Hampton City Schools Fine Arts Department will work to increase the artistic development of every student.