Third Grade Programme of Inquiry

Who We Are

Central Idea:
People living in different communities have different rights and responsibilities.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Rights and responsibilities
-Types of communities
-Community service
-Symbols of communities

Where We Are In Place and Time

Central Idea:
Ancient civilizations have influenced how we live today.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Ancient civilizations
-Contributions of ancient civilizations
-The art, culture, science, technology, economics, people, and society of the Greeks and Romans

How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea:
People express their thoughts and feelings in various ways.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Thoughts and feelings
-Expressing ourselves through the arts
-Interpreting the expressions of others

How The World Works

Central Idea:
People invent machines to make work easier.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Energy, force, and motion
-Role of machines in our lives

How We Organize Ourselves

Central Idea:
Money serves as a global basis for the exchange of goods and services.

Lines of Inquiry: 
-Impact of currency
-Consumers and producers
-Exchange of goods and services

Sharing the Planet

Central Idea:
Natural events and humans affect the cycles and patterns of our earth.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Life cycles
-Water cycle
-Patterns of natural events
-Earth patterns