Fourth Grade Programme of Inquiry

Who We Are

Central Idea:
The lives of children are influenced by where and how their families live.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Similarities and differences between families
-Influences of location on families
-Culture and tradition
-Rights and responsibilities of children

Where We Are in Place and Time

Central Idea:
Throughout history people have been on the move, with wide ranging effects on themselves and others.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Economic, religious, and political reasons people move
-The relationship between land and power
-The impact on indigenous peoples

How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea:
People use writing to record and communicate ideas, feelings, and knowledge.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Forms of written communication
-Purposes of written communication
-Creating and conveying our own writing style

How the World Works

Central Idea:
Natural phenomena affect living things on Earth.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Movement of the earth, moon, and sun systems
-Historical theories of earth, moon, and sun relationships

How We Organize Ourselves

Central Idea:

Our economy is affected by our location and our resources.

Lines of Inquiry:
-Conservation of resources

Sharing the Planet

Central Idea:
Our planet relies on a series of separate diverse and fragile ecosystems.

Lines of Inquiry:
-The balance of human need and sustainability of ecosystems
-Our responsibility to the future of our planet